Architecture and Churces

If you are interested in architecture, you are very welcome to visit Middelfart and Fredericia by the Little Belt and admire the different architectural gems. The area offers a large variety of both historical and modern architecture. 

The new canal district in Fredericia

The canal district on the Little Belt will be a vibrant and sustainable district with up to 2.800 new workplaces and around 1.000 residences.

The New Little Belt bridge, Fredericia/Middelfart

The New Little Belt bridge

(Erected 1965-1970). The new bridge was opened by danish King Frederik IX on the 21st of October 1970.

The Old Little Belt bridge

The Old Little Belt bridge

 (Erected 1925-1935). Go for a walk over The Old Lillebælt Bridge and enjoy the beautiful views over the town, strait and beech forest.

Harbour front

Here, homes, cafés, the marina, the old harbour, KulturØen and Middelfart Sparekasses award-winning headquarters admiras.

Meldahls Rådhus (former town hall)

The beautiful town hall fortunately survived Prussian bombardments during the 1864 war. Today, the Town Hall is a historic gem and a fine example of Danish architectural heritage. 

CLAY Keramikmuseum Danmark

CLAY – an architectural pearl

When you arrive at CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark, you will notice two very different buildings; the traditional main building (Grimmerhus) and the under/over-ground extension, towards Lillbælt.


There are several churches in the area. Visit e.g. Husby church in Middelfart or the Reformed Chruch in Fredericia, which is the only reformed church in Denmark outside of Copenhagen.