Experiences in nature

Middelfart and Fredericia are natural beauty with a view.

All the countryside surrounding Lillebælt is something very special - the embrace of water and beautiful scenery makes the destination to one of the most beautiful in Denmark. Enjoy your packed lunch or picnic basket from the top of a hill with sea view, or on a bench in a tranquil woodland setting. The large beech forests that ends at the seashore. The long coastlines and large and small islands create the ideal environment for unique experiences.

Welcome to the centre of nature experiences in Denmark.

Nature experiences

Nature experiences by and along the Lillebælt's coastline come into focus as you make your way around Trelde Naes and Hindsgavl peninsula. 

Enjoy a trip out into the fresh nature and experience the magnificent countryside areas with woods, marshes, sea views and lakes. 

Træklatring for alle

Active in nature

There is ample opportunity to increase the heart rate in the beautiful natural surroundings that surround Middelfart and Fredericia

Golf for all

Middelfart and Fredericia is located in the centre of good golf courses in Denmark

Active in nature

Middelfart und Fredericia welcome active nature holiday. There is ample opportunity to increase the heart rate in the beautiful natural surroundings in Fredericia and Middelfart. If you enjoy exercise while on holiday, find the inspiration, including tree climbing, golf and many other activities, here. 

Vandreruter ved Lillebælt, Middelfart og Fredericia

Hiking Paths

If your chosen hiking route heads towards Middelfart and Fredericia, you can be sure to enjoy plenty of stunning nature experiences along the way.


On the construction of the Little Belt bridge you can enjoy the view from the top. 

Family outings

There are a number of lovely picnic sites dotted around Fredericia and Middelfart municipalities, which, combined with well-equipped playgrounds, should make the Lillebælt area the number one spot for families with children.

Fredericia is brimming with great parks offering unique nature experiences for family outings, which you can enjoy with delicious packed sandwiches from Middelfart's best butchers.

If you're not on the children-friendly beaches in the summer months, which the Lillebælt area is bordered by in both municipalities, why not visit Middelfart Marina, where you'll find child-friendly nature experiences with water sports, sailing and information about nature. For example, you might like to try the free activity "Pat a fish and kiss a crab".

And of course, the family's best friend should enjoy a long walk in the designated dog forests.


Find the best and nearest playgrounds here, if you are on holiday with your children in Fredericia or Middelfart.

Børneaktiviteter på Middelfart Marina

Fun activities for kids

If you are looking for experiences on the beach or the quayside, there are plenty of possibilities in july and august

Experience Naturpark Lillebælt

With its unique mix of landscape, nature, culture and geology, Lillebælt represents a special maritime area in Denmark. Lillebælt Nature Park was created with the objective of "using and protecting" the Lillebælt area between Middelfart, Fredericia and Kolding.

Lillebælt Nature Park

Lillebælt Nature Park provides a base for a wide range of outdoor/open air activities that appeal to all the family.

Packed lunch/Sandwich

Packed lunch/Sandwich

Buy it from one of our local butchers and take quality food along for the ride.