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Hindsgavl Allé 2

5500 Middelfart


Phone:+45 7012 3600

Just like every other conference venue.
And then again..

Surrounded by beechforests, close to beachshores and waves splashing in the Little Belt, with deer in the backyard and still only 10 minutes of driving from E20. That's where you will find our lovely conference center. We ofcourse offer everything expected from a modern facility - and just a bit more. Atleast that's what our guests say. 

We'll refrain from wasting your time by telling about the things, you expect as a minimum - good service, modern IT, flexible meeting facilities, acommodation, our own restaurant, a multitude of activities and so and so forth. 
We'd much rather tell you about the things, that make us stand out amongst other conference centers. 

Ask and you shall receive
In HUSET Middelfart, planning your event does not include routine procedures and generic expectations to your needs and requests. Vi ask, listen and observe.
This is the only way, we can give you the event you actually want.

During planning we are more than happy to offer good advice and input - because with more than 50 years in the business, we'd like to think we know stuff. 

The most important part...
From experience we know that some of the most important details for a presenter is AV equipment. Because of this, we offer free 24/7 technical service during your stay. 

We also know that to make sure the participants have had a good day, the most important parameter is the menu of the day and not the programme of the day. Luckily not a day goes by, where our kitchen is not getting the best grades from our guest evaluations - and not a day, where atleast 30-60% of the produce and ingredients, we use, are organic and chosen with care. 

And we know that the most important thing to you basically is the enjoyment of your participants - and an airtight budget. Luckily that's what we find most important too. 

Care to share your plans?
If you think that HUSET Middelfart could sound like a potential co-operator regarding your next meeting, course, conferende, company party etc., do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email:
Ph.: +45 7012 3600

Payment is not necessary for a non-obligational offer, a tour or a lunchmeeting with one of the skilled and dedicated staffmembers in the conference department. Not even if you (against all odds) should end up not working with us. 



Hindsgavl Allé 2

5500 Middelfart



Garni Superior - NY

Car parking

Capacity: Beds (88)

Organic Eateries

Det økologiske spisemærke bronze


Access to internet

Green Key

Service Dogs allowed

Easy access

Meeting facilities


Coach park


Bicycles available

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