Our cruise volunteers

Cruise guests in Fredericia will be met with a warm welcome by our great team of cruise volunteers. These friendly local faces will help out with city maps, practical information and cool tips on what to see and do around town. Meet some of our volunteers here...

Meet some of the people who are ready to get up before sunrise to greet the cruise ship travellers that arrive in Fredericia. These friendly locals love to chat with people from all over the world and they are happy to share their favourite spots in town.


Janni and Mike

”We get all positive response from the cruise guests. You get a real kick out of it. The guests are so appreciative and the place is full of happy people.
The cruise guests tell us, that our town is amazingly beautiful and exciting to explore. They mention how clean it is and how nice all the locals are. They feel very welcome in our town

We arrive about half an hour before the ship. We get ready and bring out our flags and city maps and enjoy the music from the marching band. When the guests come out we welcome them with city maps  and tell them about our town and what to see and do. In the afternoon, when the guests return to the ship, we talk to them about their day. When we have  When the ship sails off we wave goodbye to the sound of our local marching band. Guests always come out on their balconies to wave goodbye. It's so amazing. 
We volunteer because it's such a good time. You get so much great feedback. It's wonderful to be a part of and live in a town like this"

You get a real kick out of it


”We get so much positive feedback from the guests. They think it's amazing to arrive in such a small and welcoming port. It's very different from the large cities and capitals. Almost everyone I talk to is really impressed by the warm welcome and they ask if this is something we always do. They give so much praise to Fredericia.

I'm here before the ship arrives, so I can prepare and get in my highly visible orange jumper. We receive the ship with waving flags and music from our local marching band 6. Juli Garden. The cruise guests come out on the balconies to greet us. The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is having a good time. When the guests come out on the quay, we meet them with city maps, welcome them to our town and answer their questions. Mostly we point out the nearby sights and attractions.  

Being a volunteer makes me really happy. We have a lot of fun, everyone is in a good mood and it's infectious. That's why I do it and why I'm happy to sometimes get up at 6 on a Sunday morning to be here. It's worth it!"