Our professional guides

In Fredericia we are proud of our large team of professionally trained guides. These knowledgeable storytellers are ready to take cruise guests on exciting historical tours. 

Fredericia has a unique and exciting but somewhat unknown history. For the cruise guests the Fredericia Ramparts, the battle of 6th of July and remarkable characters like General Rye and King Frederik III are quite well-kept secrets. However, there is nothing secretive about it, so when visitors from all over the world set foot in Fredericia our guides are ready to tell all about the great plans, personalities, privileges and battles that have formed Fredericia.
We have asked two of our guides to tell us about the responses they receive from the guests...

Per Skovsen“The cruise guests are generally very excited about Fredericia. The cruise quay is in the city centre and the locals are welcoming and make an effort for their guests. The green surroundings are appealing. The city is unknown to most, and they are very surprised by all the history there is to discover in a city they did not know.

I want to share my knowledge and tell the guests about the exciting history of Fredericia

I am proud of Fredericia and of being from here. I want to share my knowledge and tell the guests about the exciting history of Fredericia. I have the time and know a lot about the city – both past and present”

Christian Ditlev Rasmussen

”The cruise guests usually like the peaceful atmosphere in Fredericia as well as the joy and excitement they are met with. After having visited a lot of capitals and large, busy cities the guests really appreciate the relaxed atmosphere in Fredericia.

When it comes to the history of the city, there are two aspects that our guests are especially interested in: the churches and the war history of the Ramparts.

The most popular stops I have on my route are the Catholic Church, Sct. Michaelis Church, the Ramparts and the Brave Soldier Square.
Personally, I like to talk about Fredericia because the history and the anecdotes I use is still very much visible in the cityscape. It makes it more tangible. Besides, I’m very interested in both war history and modern history – and Fredericia has so much to offer within that field.
A walk along the street is more interesting if you know what you’re looking at. The telling of the history is just as important as the history itself. I have experienced guests who were surprised that a guided historical walk was much more than just a bunch of dates and years.