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Specialty shops in Middelfart

Middelfart Handel, the commerce union of Middelfart, explained

We strive to support the develipment of Middelfarts position as the Specialist city. Middelfart Handel handles eventplanning, gift certificates and online marketing - providing rich opportunity to participate in one of our many, popular Open By Nights. 


Middelfart Handel facilitates:

  • Marketing of the commercial city Middelfart in local newspaper and additional media. Planning and execution of activities, campaigns and bigger events such as Open By Night, Middelfart Christmas City, christmas activities and sales.
  • The electronic gift certificates which are usable in most of the city shops.
  • Christmas lighting all around the city centre. 
  • Handles member interests.
  • Working for a cooperation between tourism, culture and commerce to achieve synergy effects and derived economic turnover.



The board in Middelfart Handel consist of members:

  • Chairman Kjeld Johansen, Spar Nord  - Mail:
  • Vice chairman Dennis Espersen, Vinspecialisten - Mail:
  • Cashier Tine Klingsten Nielsen, Middelfart Apotek - mail:
  • Eva Adler Juul, Livsstilscenteret - Mail:
  • Gitte Hein, Esmeralda - Mail:
  • Marie Louise Veber Paustian, iSologRegn - Mail:

New Shop

In Middelfart, we always welcome new shops and ideas.

Ïf you require information about

- Vacant store rooms

- Middelfart Handel

- Cooperative agreements

- Additional questions!


Then contant cityconsultant Julie Skov Kjeldberg at +45 8832 5962 for an informal talk!

You can also choose to visit Julie at Nygade 2, 5500 Middelfart.

Open office hours are monday-thursday from 9 am to 2 pm.

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Event manager

Mobile:+45 42411606