Kronvildt Kongebroskoven-Middelfart-Lillebælt

Autumn by the Little Belt

Photo: Erik Valebrokk

Nothing beats autumn in the beautiful nature. The Little Belt area is full of great experiences for families, friends and couples travelling hand in hand.  

Autumn holidays in Fredericia

Autumn holidays around the Little Belt are never boring!  The changing seasons are best enjoyed in the beautiful landscapes around the Little Belt. Visit old forests, hidden beaches and cosy harbour towns. In the autumn holidays, Fredericia and Middelfart will host a range of fun creati...

Autumn holidays in Middelfart

Summer is waning and autumn now announce its arrival. Autumn in Denmark do not have to be boring if you visit the Lillebælt area in Middelfart and Fredericia. Around Lillebælt, there is no reason to see the negative in the changing seasons. We focus on the positive and during the aut...


Photo: Niels Martner

The new Little Belt Bridge

50th anniversary!
On October 21st 1970 the new Little Belt Bridge opened with a festive celebration and live transmission across the nation. To mark 50 years with the new bridge, Fredericia and Middelfart will host a range of range of events and activities to celebrate the golden jubilee. 

Explore the town gems...

The towns by the Little Belt are full of cosy corners. In Middelfart you can find tranquil gardens or treat yourself to a day at Brinck Benzon Studio. Visit Jan Munks fantastic flower gardens or go for a stroll through the old cobbled streets. By the harbour, at Lillebæltsværftet you may be happen to see local carpenters restoring old ships.
In C-byen at Fredericia harbour, you can find an exciting urban environment with little workshops, galleries and pop-up shops. Go for a walk through the urban gardens or rent kayaks and SUP-boards.  
Go exploring at Fredericia Ramparts, where you will find peaceful trails, splendid views and history, just a few minutes from the town centre.  



A place to stay

Just the two of you...

The Little Belt is perfect for a romantic getaway. Find lovely hotels, inn, B&B's and holiday flats. Explore the many local shops and gather appetite for delicious meals at our restaurants and cafés

Nature by the Little Belt

Spending autumn in the beautiful Nature Park Lillebælt means long beach strolls, outdoor experiences and fun at the playgrounds. Visit the deer parks and watch the animals up close. You can join a guided tour around Hindsgavl Deer Park. If you're up for it, bring you sleeping bag and spend a night at one of the many shelters around the Little Belt. 

Fun and games on rainy days

Sometimes it rains in autumn. But don't worry - there is still plenty to do with a roof over your heads - how about a visit to the candle workshop Aagaardens Lys or a trip to Dinoland, RaceSyd gokarts or the local indoor pools?

Explore nature

By the Little Belt, you can enjoy both forests and beaches. Bring along your hiking shoes and enjoy the beauty of the autumn colours. Our favourite areas include the Lillebæltstien path, Trelde Næs and Fredericia Ramparts.