Local recipes from the Little Belt

Recipes of the Little Belt

Explore the delicious cooking from the Little Belt. The gastronomic experiences at our hotels and restaurant are plenty, and you can plan a very unique gastro-tour trying their specialty dishes, dessert and bread. 

If you can't come to the Little Belt, it'll come to you

Hotels and restaurants by the Little Belt have been so kind as to share one or more of their most popular and exciting recipes with us, so you have the benefit of trying them out at home.

The chefs usually use local ingredients for their recipes, and we strongly encourage you to do the same when shopping - buy locally and support your local shops and stores.


Hindsgavl Chokolate-creme

Hindsgavl chokoladecreme
Click to see recipe - Hindsgavl Chokolate-creme

Brenderuphus Raspberry slices

Hindbærsnitter fra Brenderuphus
Click to see recipe - Brenderuphus Raspberry slices

HOLMs Chicken-salad

HOLMs hønsesalat
Click to see recipe - HOLMs Chicken-salad

Severin Salade Nicoise

Salade Nicoise
Click to see recipe - Severin Salade Nicoise

Hindsgavl Wild garlic capers

Ramsløg Middelfart
Click to see recipe - Hindgavl Wild garlic capers

Comwell Rye Bread

Comwell Rugbrød
Click to see recipe - Comwell Rye bread

Severin Bounty Cake

Bounty kage
Click to see recipe - Severin Bountycake

Naturpark Lillebælt Pickled Seaweed

Syltet tang
Click to see recipe - Naturpark Lillebælt Pickled Seaweed

Naturpark Lillebælt Seaweed Salad

Click to see recipe - Naturpark Lillebælt Seaweed Salad

Naturpark Lillebælt Pasta with seaweed

Pasta med tang
Click to see recipe - Naturpark Lillebælt Pasta with Seaweed

Naturpark Lillebælt Buckthorn schnapps

Click to see recipe - Naturpark Lillebælt Buckthorn schnapps

Naturpark Lillebælt Blackberry schnapps


Naturpark Lillebælt Schnapps from beech leaves

Click to see recipe - Naturpark Lillebælt schnapps from beech leaves