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Bike rental

Odensevej 18

5500 Middelfart

Rent a bike for practical purposes

Rent a bike as a tourist in Middelfart and get easily around town to go shopping, or go back and forth between the many experience providers.

Fri Bikeshop has a wide selection of bikes for every purpose, and necessary safety equipment is available for rent as well. 

Rent immediately from the shop, or contact them through the info to the right. 

Go on a nature experience

There are plenty of opportunities to go biking in and around Middelfart. You can do it on your own on a rented bike from us, or if you are part of a larger group, guided tours can be purchased.

Staurby forest has a newly developed MTB track for bikers. The route is marked as 'blue flag' which indicates, that it is suited for new and lightly practised bikers.

We have the large Hindsgavl peninsula where there is incredibly beautiful scenery and which is perfect for cycling. The Hindsgavl peninsula has a very sandy bottom, so it is rarely very muddy, as the water quickly sink into the ground.


Odensevej 18

5500 Middelfart


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