Brave Soldier on a Mission

An experience for the whole family.

Become a soldier on a mission at the historic ramparts of Fredericia - get your Soldier's kit at Fredericia Library & Visitor Center within the hours of service.

Travel back to 1849 and try life as a brave soldier in Fredericia. The general sends you and your family on a mission on the ramparts that surround the town. Follow the general's orders and help defeat the enemy!
All you have to do is show your BE HAPPY PASS at our Visitor Center in the period between June 26 and October 31. You will be equipped with your soldier's kit consisting of a knapsack (the soldiers' backpacks at that time) with a wooden musket and a soldier's cap.

At the same time, you will be given your mission and a chance to earn a medal. Your parents also get a manual so there will be something for everyone in the family. The soldier's kit also contains a little surprise for a well-deserved break halfway through your mission.

If you do not have a BE HAPPY PASS, you can ask at the reception of your accommodation. Most of the accommodations in Fredericia give their guests a BE HAPPY PASS upon arrival. If you are visiting friends or family or have not received a BE HAPPY PASS, you can ask at the Visitor Center in the library at Prinsessegade 27.

Attention in 2021! Due to COVID-19 the physical BE HAPPY Passes are not available before 26 June. You can download your digital BE HAPPY PASS at, but the offers are not valid before 26 June.

Did you know that the ramparts of Fredericia are a one of the largest and most well-preserved of its kind in Northern Europe? 

Winner of best children's experience in Legoland Billund Resort 2018.

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