Deer hiking

On the lands of Hindsgavl Castle that dates back to the 1200’s you can explore a park with many different types of habitats: from open heathland to beech woods to marshy meadows and steep slopes. The deer park boasts large herds of red, fallow, and roe deer and on a walk around the deer park you may be lucky enough to see the deer grazing in the woods or on the heath.

Make the most of your visit to the Deer Park with a guided tour with a park ranger who will show you around the park pointing out places of historical interest as well as the wildlife that can be seen on the Hindsgavl Peninsula.

No matter what time of year it is, the park offers plenty to see and do. In the spring the deer lose their antlers; in the summer months you can see the deer with their fawns; in the autumn you can hear the long deep tones of the rutting season and in the winter you can follow the tracks in the snow or maybe see the deer at the feeding station.
Deer are timid animals and they can be difficult to spot. Fortunately, they leave a trail of hoof prints or excrements in the soft forest floor or trails of chewed branches and twigs that are easy to follow.
All you need is practical footwear and some binoculars to enjoy a spectacular walk through the deer park

Practical information
Remember praktical footwear

Meeting point
To be agreed individually

1-2 hours

Group size
10-75 pers.

Prices from
Fra DKK 800,- to DKK 1.000,- per hour