Fishing trip on the M/S Marianne

The M/S Marianne is a fishing vessel designed for all types of fishing. The boat, an old trawler, was altered in 1997 to suit anglers. We are fully equipped with two echo sounders, a daylight radar, two VHF sonar devices and all the safety gear.

Depending on the season, we primarily fish for cod, flat fish, pollock, mackerel and herring.

On the M/S Marianne you can have a quiet relaxing trip. Enjoy the calm of fishing, rod in hand waiting for a bite while looking out over the water, letting your thoughts drift while recharging the batteries. Alternatively, you could have a competitive fishing trip, which brings out team spirit and friendly rivalry, where you can compete against each other. Who catches the first, the biggest, the most fish etc. The prize could be making the losing team clean all the fish caught on the trip.

If you need to get away from it all to clear your head and blow the cobwebs away, a fishing trip on the M/S Marianne is just what you need.

Practical information
Bring your own fishing rod or rent one on board.
Bring bait or purchase it on board
All participants must have a fishing permit, available for online purchase through the link on the right.
Catering can be arranged.

Remember: Angler Fishing Licence

Min. 4 hours

Group size
Max 12 pers.

Prices from
DKK 450,-/hour (min. 4 hours)