Have you ever tried the feeling of hovering on a Segway?

Accompanied by certified Experienced Team Segway instructors and good music, we offer an experience that fuses fine motoric skills, machinery and speed.

Segway driving is an exercise in good communication and brilliant fun for everyone...

The event is designed as a team competition of up to 5 teams at the same time (min. 3/max, 5 per team). The activity lasts approx. 2 hours, and it is only possible to win if the entire team collaborates on a number of tasks along the way. - An active experience that everyone, regardless of physical condition and experience - can participate on equal footing.

The activity can take place in all kinds of weather.

A little about Segway:

A Segway is an advanced two-wheeled vehicle that holds its own balance, and which is controlled by leaning backwards or forwards, and by turning the Segway's control bar to turn it.

Once you get used to it – and you do very quickly – it's a pleasure to drive and it feels very intuitive. 

A Segway event is not only aimed at creating a good experience for the individual, it is equally aimed at providing good training in conveying information, collaboration and communication, at the same time as it's entertaining – the ultimate teambuilding event. And we do this about 400 times a year with Segway, so we know how well it works.