In soldiers' footsteps

Enjoy a guided tour that focuses on Fredericia Ramparts and hear how Denmark was transformed from a great European power to a Lilliputian state. By participating in several disastrous wars, which Denmark was more or less responsible for, Fredericia Ramparts played a central role and have, inter alia, provided the setting for some of Denmark’s biggest defeats, but also for one of the proudest victories written in world history.

We get closer to General Rye, General Bülow and the other famous generals.
Fredericia cherishes and remembers its military history, and many places in the town are reminders of the military events and the town’s status as a garrison town.

The tour also allows us to linger at the national soldier square and hear the accompanying story. This exciting story of the fortress town and the ramparts, which are among Northern Europe’s most well-preserved, will be brought alive and give you an interesting overview of the entire fortress’s background and history.

Practical information
Practical clothing and footwear are recommended. The walk is not strenuous, but is unsuitable for people with walking difficulties. The tours can be customised or lengthened to fit your needs. The guided tours are available in English and German and perhaps other languages.

Meeting point
Individually agreed

If the group has fewer than 20 people, it costs DKK 1.000,- otherwise it costs DKK 50,- per person