Cultural Experiences

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The Little Belt area is a cultural hotspot. In the mood for theatre, art or concerts? Or perhaps flea markets, museums and galleries? We are sure you will find something you like...

Theatre Malstrøm

Photo: Teater Malstrøm

Fredericia-Middelfart theatre club

Photo: Søren Malmose

Festival Week

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Photo: VisitFredericia

Living history

Photo: Lars Lyngholm Ketelsen

Festivals and events

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Culture can be full of "hygge" - that is Danish culture...


Photo: Thomas Mølvig

Our museums are home to everything from modern art to old history. 

Visit CLAY - Scandinavia's only museum dedicated to ceramics. 

Discover the history of psychiatrics in Middelfart or explore the almost 400 year old fortress town of Fredericia. 


Photo: Claus Fisker

Arts, crafts and galleries

Photo: VisitMiddelfart


Photo: VisitMiddelfart