Naturpark Lillebælt

Nature Park Lillebælt - a sea of adventures


Nature Park Lillebælt is the largest nature park in Denmark. Here you will find a great range of nature experiences and outdoor activities for the whole family - at sea, on land and up in the air. 

The Little Belt is a sea of adventures for water dogs of all sizes. Have a go at whale watching, angling, diving, Stand-up-paddling, kayaking, snorkelling and much more. 

Nature Park Lillebælt is located right in the heart of Denmark- you can't miss us. 


Holidays in Nature Park Lillebælt

Welcome to Nature Park Lillebælt and the cities of Fredericia and Middelfart. Look forward to a holiday filled with beautiful nature and cool experiences such as historical guided tours, cultural events, water sports, boat trips, whale watching, Bridgewalking, diving, kayaking and loads more. 

Nature Park Lillebælt is the place for you, whether you're cycling, walking or wearing flippers and whether you're travelling with family, friends or a special someone. Throughout the year, you can enjoy exciting experiences, great places to stay and lovely nature galore. 

The nature park focuses especially on the marine with the Little Belt as the core of it all. Wonderful experiences await above and below the surface.