A sea of experiences

Swim, hike and sleep under the stars in Denmark's largest nature park

Nature Park Lillebælt is a marine nature park centered around the Little Belt surrounded by beautiful coastal landscapes. The Little Belt is home to one of the world's densest populations of the small whale, the porpoise. Nature Park Lillebælt covers about 370 km2 out of which 200 km2 is protected nature. The sea takes up about 70 % of the nature park's total area.

Experiences in Nature Park Lillebælt

The Nature Park aims to create a virtual sea of experiences, that will inspire everyone to protect, preserve and improve the nature around the Little Belt. Learn more about Nature Park Lillebælt here on our website and book your experiences on our booking site.

Naturpark Lillebælt
About the Little Belt

The Little Belt is remarkably narrow and very deep. The water is shaped like a big S and bends its way between Fredericia in the mainland Jutland and Middelfart on the island of Fyn.

A great nature park offers authentic experiences. It truly is quite special to see the world's smallest whale, the porpoise up close. And that's something you can experience by the Little Belt.

Good to know...

Try near the Little Belt Bridges - you can often see the porpoise coming up for air.