Angling in the Little Belt

Go fishing along the coasts of the Little Belt and the adjacent fjords and bays. Stay on shore or book a seat on our angling boat tours. 

The Little Belt is a perfect mix of deep waters with strong currents and shallow, diverse coastlines. The bending shape of the Little Belt means you can always find a good angling spot sheltered from the wind. Take a look at our map, and see the many angling spots in the area. The waters of the Little Belt are frequented by many different types of fish - cod, sea trout, flatfish, garfish and mackerel to name some. 
Enjoy the tranquility of nature and help us take good care of our Little Belt. 

Come rain or shine, by the Little Belt you can always find a good, peaceful spot. And you don't have to drive far, to reach new fresh waters or shelter from the wind. If you have your own boat, a slipway or harbour is often nearby.

Useful tips

Remember to get a fishing licence

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Sea Trout Fyn certified accommodation

Stay right by the sea, at one of our Sea Trout Fyn certified accommodations.
These accommodations offer cleaning and freezing facilities, storage for your angling equipment and information about angling in the area.