Cykeltur lang Lillebælts kysten-Middelfart-Lillebælt

Cycling on the Baltic Sea Route N8

The beautiful coastal Baltic Sea Route combines all the best of the Little Belt area.

Cycling along the Baltic Sea Route, which was named Cycling Route of the Year 2019, by the largest cycling- and hiking exhibition in the Netherlands, you will experience some of Denmark's most beautiful nature. Around 96 km of the 820 km Baltic Sea Route will take you through the coastal landscapes of the Little Belt. Discover old, historical towns along the way, visit the UNESCO site Christiansfeld in the southern parts of the Little Belt, go north through Kolding to Fredericia and then head east across the Old Little Belt Bridge to Middelfart. When you're at the old bridge, why not try Bridgewalking 60 metres above the sea? There's quite a view from up there....

Cycling through Denmark's biggest nature park
Cycling holidays by the Little Belt means cycling throught the biggest nature park in Denmark, Naturpark Lillebælt, which covers over 370 km2 from Hejlsminde by Christiansfeld to Trelde Næs north of Fredericia. Here you will find a unique mixture of nature, landscapes, culture and geology.  The nature around here is full of scenic, hilly terrains, idyllic beaches, old forests, rare flora and fauna and of course, the beautiful blue waters of the Little Belt. 

Cyklister langs Lillebælt-Kongebro-Middelfart

The Baltic Sea Route N8 - The Little Belt area

Below the surface
The Little Belt is home to one of the world's densest populations of porpoises - the smallest whale in the world. Becaus there are plenty of porpoises, chances of spotting the tiny whales are very good.  About 70% of the nature park is covered by sea.

Thrilling history and unique architecture 
The Little Belt area is full of history and exciting architecture. Christiansfeld is home to a Moravian Church Settlement - a planned town from the 1700s with a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. Further north, you will find Fredericia with the unique Fredericia Ramparts - one of the best preserved fortifications in Northern Europe. The ramparts formed the setting of a famous battle on 6th of July 1849 in which Denmarks secured an important victory. In the heart of Kolding, you will find the castle Koldinghus - the last royal castle in Jutland. The history of the castle dates back to around 1200. Koldinghus has seen several invasions and a devastating fire. The small harbour town of Middelfart has been known for porpoise hunts for centuries all the way back to the 1500s. At the Hindsgavl Peninsula by Middelfart, you can see Hindsgavl Manor, at which the famous Danish authour H. C. Andersen once stayed as a guest.  

Bed+Bike certificerede overnatningssteder ved Lillebælt
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Bed+Bike certificerede overnatningssteder ved Lillebælt