Cycling by the Little Belt

Photo: Destination Lillebælt

Go cycling along the charming coasts of the Little Belt and enjoy views of historical monuments, iconic bridges and incredible nature. We have plenty of routes on many different levels - whether you're looking to improve your personal record or just along for the joy of the scenery.

The Baltic Sea Route N8

Photo: Destination Lillebælt

Cycling routes by the Little Belt

The Little Belt area has a range of scenic routes, that we think you should see. Browse through some of our favourite routes and find out which way you want to go

Cycling routes 0-10 km

Most can join in for these rides and they are perfect for families. You will have views of the Little Belt and short distances to both towns and beaches.

Cycling routes 10-30 km

How about our 6th-of-July route, which will take you through the highlights of Fredericia - from the historical city centre to forests, beaches and idyllic villages.

Cycling routes 30 km +

Try one of these, if you have the legs for it. Experience the beautiful porpoise-route along the coast in Middelfart or reach the unique landscapes at Trelde Næs.

Mountainbike trails

Explore the terrain on mountainbike. In the forests near the Little Belt, there are plenty of trails.

Training routes

If you have a need for speed and legs of steel, try one of these routes. Some of them are recommended by local cycling enthusiasts.

Practical information for your cycling holiday

Did you know, that you can pump your bike and fill your water bottle by all churches in Middelfart or by the many Bike Friends shops and restaurants in Fredericia?
If you don't have your own bike, it's easy to rent one and should you find yourself in need of a bicycle mechanic, help is near...


Bed+Bike accommodation

If you are planning a cycling holiday by the Little Belt, check out our Bed+Bike certified accommodation. You will get a bed for the night and a safe place to store your bike.

Bike rental

Options for bike rental by the Little Belt.

Gear and repairs

Gear and bicycle mechanics

Bike pumps

By the churches in Middelfart and our dedicated Bike Friends partners in Fredericia, you will find great pitstops with bike pumps and drinking water t...

Bike Friends in Fredericia

Bike Friends is a collaboration between a number of municipalities. The aim is to make it easy and convenient to explore our country by bike.