Diving and snorkelling

Photo: Helle Thomsen

It's a world of wonders beneath the surface. With 19 diving spots and 2 snorkelling trails within a radius of 10 km, there is lots to explore: Reefs, wall diving and deep water diving straigt from the beach. The Little Belt is one of northern Europe's best diving spots. 

The Little Belt is known for its stone reefs, diving trails, and the great wall that stretches from Søbadet to Kongebrogaarden by the Old Little Belt Bridge. The sea is full of life and unforgettable diving experiences are guaranteed. You can do deep water diving down to 40 metres. 

Under the sea...

Diving maps: Lillebælt  -  Øhavet

Diving spots and snorkelling trails

The Little Belt is a great spot for diving and snorkelling. The sea is full of life and you can explore 19 different diving spots and 2 snorkelling trails.

Diving facilities

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Activities under the sea

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The waters of the Little Belt are also home to one of the world's densest populations of porpoises - the smallest whale in the world. We can thank the diverse life below the surface for that. It is no coincidence, that divers from all over Europe, love to visit the Little Belt.

See what's under the sea...

Check out the films below and be inspired for the many cool diving experiences that await you in the Little Belt and the nearby waters.

Diving in Denmark

Diving in the Little Belt

Snorkelling trails in the Little Belt

Søbadet - diving spot