Hiking by the Little Belt

Photo: Niels Martner

Discover the beautiful Nature Park Lillebælt by foot. In this green, coastal landscape, you will find hiking trails with old forests, tranquil beaches and exciting history. If you prefer running shoes over hiking boots, most trails are perfect for jogging as well. 

Hiking trails by the Little Belt

Treat yourself to an idyllic hike in the nature around the Little Belt. If you prefer guided walks, join one of our many tours or book a private guided tour

Hiking trails 0-5 km

By Middelfart and Fredericia we have many short trails that anyone can do. The trails ranging from 0-5 km will take you past cozy towns, forest, beaches and bogs.

Hiking trails 5-10 km

If you're up for a bit more, try our 5-10 km trails. You will get further out into nature along the sea, beaches and in the forests.

Hiking trails 10+ km

Here are some trails, for those ready for a longer hike. If you have the time and the legs for it, try "The Little Belt Trail" - one of the most scenic routes in the kingdom.

Explore the fish ladder at Brende Mølle or the deer park on the Hindsgavl Peninsula with views of the Little Belt. You can also get closer to nature in the forests of Fuglsang, Hannerup and Trelde Næs.

Empty stomachs and weary feet...

Do'nt go hungry... and remember to stop and smell the roses

Picnic spots

Fredericia and Middelfart are full of great spots for a luncheon under open skies. Pick a lovely beach, a hill top with sea views or find a table in t...

Cafés, restaurants and fast food

If you prefer a freshly cooked meal, Fredericia and Middelfart offer a tasty selection.

Sleep under the stars

If you are inclined to open skies, nature sounds and starry night views, spend the night at one of our many nature camps and shelter sites.


By Middelfart and Fredericia, there are plenty of camping lots right by the Little Belt. A great option if you want to stay near forest, sea and beach...