Kayaking on the Little Belt

Go kayaking or canoeing on the Little Belt. It is a great way to explore Denmark's largest marine nature park. 

The Little Belt offers great conditions for kayaking. The bending shape of the coastline, means you can find tranquil waters and shelter from the wind, while the strong current offers fun challenges for more experienced. 

Enjoy the beautiful and diverse landscapes from a new perspective. On the Little Belt, you will have coastal scenery on both sides. 
Along the coast, you will find camping sites and shelters that you can access from the beach. 

Kayak rental

If you know your way around a kayak, and your swimming skills are up to date, you can rent kayaks in Fredericia, Kolding or Middelfart. Some places, you can also join an instructor for a beginner's class. 

The only trace we kayakers leave behind is ripples on the water. No garbage and plastic in our wake...

Perhaps a canoe or your own surf board will do....

Go canoeing in the area of Svinø in Gamborg Fjord near Middelfart. You'll be paddling through tranquil waters. We suggest bringing your picnic basket as well. Book online.
Throughout Naturpark Lillebælt you can find great surf spots; bring your surf board and feel the power of nature.

Good to know, before you go....

The national Nature Agency's rules for kayaking and canoeing (only in Danish)

Remember to check the weather forecast
Study currents and tides before you set out
Be aware of local rules for kayaking and canoeing in lakes and rivers
Know the codes of conduct at sea