Charging stations in Middelfart

Charging stations in and around Middelfart

Find the nearest charging station for your electric car
You've completed half of your journey, reached the centre of Denmark, and the batteries are running low. But there's no need to worry.

In Middelfart municipality, there are plenty of charging stations with the output and plug types your electric car needs.

An overview of all charging stations is available in the PlugShare app, but here is also a list showing addresses of the stations - before the battery runs out.

Tesla Supercharger stations:
Karensmindevej 3, 5500 Middelfart. More info.

Clever stations:
Indevejen 1, 5500 Middelfart. More info.
Søndergade 63-67, 5500 Middelfart. The parking area between Søndergade, Algade & Vestre School. More info.
Nyvang 1, 5500 Middelfart. More info.
Kløvervej 10, 5500 Middelfart. More info.

E.ON stations:
Havnegade 6, 5500 Middelfart. More info.
Østre Hougvej 97, 5500 Middelfart. More info.

Caravan Mains stations:
Teglgårdsvej 73, 5500 Middelfart. More info.
Østre Hougvej 55, 5500 Middelfart. More info.
Havnegade 2, 5500 Middelfart. Car park by Middelfart Town Hall.
Viaduktvej 28b, 5500 Middelfart. Only for guests staying at Hotel Milling. More info.
Hindsgavl Alle 2, 5500 Middelfart. Only for guests visiting the Conference Centre HUSET. More info.

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Havnegade 6
5500 Middelfart


+45 88 32 59 59




Longitude : 9.7380065917969
Latitude : 55.49956914227