Gammel Havn - The Old Harbour

Welcome to the Old Harbour (Gammel Havn) in Fredericia

The harbour is located in the center of the city only a few hundreds metres from shops and restaurants.

There are showers, toilets and washing machines/dryers available at the nearby address Sønder Voldgade 10. 

The harbour is closed for winter between October 1st - March 1st. 

Guest sailors may use pier 7 and 8 (alternatively 9 and 10).

Prices per day:
Vessels from 0 – 12 m -  DKK 150
Vessels from 12 – 16 m - DKK 190 
Vessels over 16 m - DKK 290 

Payment takes place at the Grill- and Café Havnegrillen right by the harbour. Payment must be made immediately upon arrival. You will receive a permit which should be placed on the boat in a visible spot. Receipt for payment must be showed upon request. Failure to pay or document payment results in a fine of 500 DKK. 

Piers 1, 2, 3 and 6 may only be used if you have made arrangements in advance with Fredericia Harbour at +45 29 69 20 20

Kindly follow all instructions from the staff at Havnegrillen Grill- and Café. In case of problems with power or access to toilets/facilities please contact Havnegrillen at +45 40 30 75 32

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Gl. Havn
7000 Fredericia


+45 40307532


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    • Restaurant/Café
    • Shopping
    • Sanitary facilities
    • Barbecue
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Longitude : 9.7571394935
Latitude : 55.561449088