Hotel Postgaarden

Hotel Postgaarden is set in a time warp, you won't find anywhere else like it in Denmark – and we're only a 5-minute walk from the town centre and the cosy harbour! Maybe you've seen us on TV!

It is a family-run hotel, which means we offer a personal and friendly service. Service is not a luxurious word for us, but something that we naturally like to lavish on our guests.

The hotel has a total of 45 rooms. 25 of which are on the 1st and 2nd floors in the original part of the hotel from 1880. These rooms are all different sizes and are authentically decorated in an old style, such as with handcrafted furniture, console tables etc., and perfectly finished with beautiful period paintings on the walls. Book one of these if you are after some genuine nostalgia, soul and charm.

In the hotel's newer wing (from 1982), we have 24 identical standard rooms on the ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor. These have all been recently furnished in a slightly more modern style of interior design: A small desk area, 2 comfortable armchairs, cosy lighting and atmospheric paintings on the walls. Disabled guests should choose a standard room on the ground floor.

Walking along the corridors leading to the bedrooms, you can't fail to notice the numerous beautiful paintings from days gone by, and in the old wing, guests can also admire Hotel Postgaarden's impressive collection of approx. 500 cake platters from the last 100 years. In the bar and along the other bedroom corridors, you'll find 300 coffee and cocoa pots together with other curiosities from our grandparents' era.

Our restaurant serves authentic Danish hotel food, which most Danes can remember from their parents or grandparents' mealtimes!

As one of our guests said:
My wife and I have enjoyed a wonderful stay with you from Tuesday 20-10 to Wednesday 21-10, i.e. with only one overnight stay (this time), but we experienced enough from this short stay to make us decide to book a longer stay with you in the summer. Everything was as it should be; the service was excellent and the food was lovely – perfectly cooked and well served. And the ambiance and atmosphere is pure MATADOR (classic Danish TV series set in 1920s-1940s). Go for a visit – you won't regret it! Thanks to everyone at the hotel. You understood our needs perfectly.

A hotel that's impossible to describe with words – it just has to be experienced!

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