The Baltic Sea Route N8 - The Little Belt region

Riding along the Baltic Sea Route, which in 2019 was named the Cycle Route of the Year at an election on the Netherland's largest hiking and cycling fair, you will come by some of Denmark's most beautiful nature and the most exciting attractions. Around 96 km of the 820 km Baltic Sea Route, takes you through a stunning coastal landscape by the Little Belt with friendly, historical towns from Christiansfeld in the south past Kolding to Fredericia up north and across the Little Belt to Middelfart. Crossing the Little Belt can also take place 60 metres above water by Bridgewalking on the Old Little Belt Bridge.

The Little Belt region is beautifully set in the heart of Denmark with great experiences just around the corner. Here, you can cycle right by the water along the winding coasts, explore the cosy atmosphere of the towns or enjoy the breathtaking, green countryside. 

The Little Belt region offers good paths and road systems, making it safe for you to explore by bike. Along the route, you can stop for the night at the area's Bed & Bike certified accommodations or get help and service at our Bike Friends partners. 

From the Baltic Sea Route, you can go on local roundtrip routes, which take you up close to the historical sights of the Little Belt and lets you cycle right by the sea and the lovely, diverse nature. See the local routes in the menu to the right. 

Go exploring in Denmark's largest Nature Park 
Cycling holidays in the Little Belt region are also holidays in Denmark's largest nature park, Naturpark Lillebælt. Naturpark Lillebælt stretches from Hejlsminde by Christiansfeld to Trelde Næs north of Fredericia and covers 370 km2. Here you can find a unique combination of nature, landscapes, culture and geology. The area offers outstanding nature with green, hilly countrysides, idyllic beaches, old forests med rare flora and fauna and of course, the blue waters of the Little Belt. 

The travelguide writer IntrepidEscape biked through the entire N8 and documented his journey through Traveldudes. While exploring Denmark from the right perspective, he also visited the Little Belt. Read about his experiences here and watch the video below:

Under the sea
The Little Belt is full of whales! The world's smallest whale, the porpoise, lives here in vast numbers. In fact, the Little Belt is home to one of the world's most dense concentrations of porpoise. So you may be lucky enough to spot one of the little whales. About 70% of the nature park is covered by ocean, so the area is quite perfect for anyone who loves the sea. 

Exciting history and unique architecture 
The Little Belt area holds lots of history and interesting architecture. In Christiansfeld lies the Moravian Brethren Town - a designed town fra the 1700s, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.  Fredericia further north, is also planned from scratch and here you can also see Fredericia Ramparts - one of the largest and most well preserved of its kind in Northern Europe. The ramparts were the setting of the historic Battle of Fredericia on July 6th 1849. On a hilltop in the middle of Kolding lies Koldinghus, Jutland's last royal castle with a history that dates back to the 1200s. Through the times, Koldinghus has suffered under hostile invasions and a devastating fire. The small harbour town Middelfart has a porpoise hunting history which goes back to the 1500s. At Hindsgavl Castle by Middelfart, the world famous Danish author H.C. Andersen once stayed as a guest.  

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Østersøruten N8

The Baltic Sea Route N8 - The Little Belt region

Denmark's new national cycling route, the Baltic Sea Route, lets you explore Denmark by bike. The 820 km route takes you through the Little Belt area. 

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Bicycle Rental

You can rent bicycles at many different places in the Lillebælt area.

Bike Friends by the Little Belt

If you are touring the area on bicycle, Bike Friends can help you with puncture kits, drinking water, maps and more. 

Bed + Bike certified accommodation

Accommodation that has a Bed + Bike certification must live up to a number of requirements. Read more here.