Middelfart and Fredericia offer a range of fantastic campsites, all with a seafront location and gorgeous, child-friendly beaches right by the Little Belt, Kattegat or Vejle Fjord.

If you go camping, you are guaranteed a holiday in beautiful nature surroundings and with excellent facilities.

All the campsites are situated less than 20 minutes from the E20 motorway and maximum 20 minutes from town centres, museums and galleries, wonderful shopping opportunities, as well as Bridgewalking - Fredericia’s and Middelfart's new major attraction.
There is approx. 10 Km. to the city centre of Fredericia from  Dancamp Trelde Næs and only 50 Km. to Legoland and Givskud Zoo.


Camping for water lovers. Camping in Middelfart and Fredericia is great if you love water activities. All the campsites are situated close to Lillebælt. Your camping holiday will offer the children great opportunities for playing at the various campsites, so you can decide to stay at the sites and totally relax.

Camping in mobile homes
Mobile homes are the latest trend within camping. It is called a mobile home, but it is actually a holiday hut on wheels, and they have been popular for a long time among Danish families when holidaying at European campsites. You now have the chance to stay in a mobile home when you want to camp in Middelfart or Fredericia.

Accommodation in the nature

Nature experiences in connection with accommodation.

An overnight stay in the wild can be of primitive character, such as accommodation at a nature campsite or at the top of the trees in the beech forest, or you can choose more traditional campsite. Sea, forest and beach are the words that best characterize the camp sites in and near Middelfart and Fredericia. Here you can find peace and quiet, small green oases, high quality beaches and other outdoor experiences right on your doorstep.

All nature campsites have a unique location close to the sea and with excellent opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking and biking.

Camping equipment

If you need various camping equipment on the go, then pay a visit to Kais Caravan in Ejby. Here you can buy spare parts, coffee machines, fishing equipment and other general camping equipment.

You can also buy and rent caravans.

See also rent a canoe, kayak and boats: Products to rent

Things to do in and around the Little Belt

When you holiday and camp by Lillebælt, there are a wealth of opportunities for Water sport activities, diving, snorkling, boat rental and you might even be lucky enough to spot porpoise from the shore or go on a whale safari.

The Middelfart and Fredericia area is located in Lillebælt Nature Park and in the summer months you can free of charge participate in Pet a fish and kiss a crab at Middelfart Marina. The little ones can try their hand at catching crabs and other marine life from the shores of the child-friendly Blue Flag beaches.


When you've swum, dived and snorkled in Lillebælt or had a go at sailing or paddle surfing or treated the family to an authentic Safari on Lillebælt, you should try bridgewalking and see Lillebælt from above. At a height of 60 metres, you take the guided tour over Lillebælt and The Old LIttle Belt Bridge. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for all those who can pass the height requirement of 140 cm. Enjoy the view over Lillebælt, Fredericia, Strib and Middelfart. You can also see as far as Kolding.


On the construction of the Little Belt bridge you can enjoy the view from the top. 

Tree climbing_Middelfart - Få rabat med BE HAPPY PASS

BE HAPPY PASS - advantage card

You can, if you stay in Middelfart, obtain a BE HAPPY PASS bargain card at the reception of your accommodation.

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