Canoeing and kayaking trips in the Little Belt strait

Enjoy a close-up experience of nature out in a kayak in the Little Belt strait and lose all sense of time or place. A kayaking trip along the shores of the Little Belt, between Middelfart, Fredericia and Kolding, provides an unusual and beautiful experience of nature. If you are in the right place at the right time, you might just spot a porpoise or some seals. The Little Belt offers not only kayaking routes that take in the peaceful areas of the strait, but also kayaking trips that are technically more difficult in strong currents.

Find inspiration for an unforgettable kayaking trip: specially selected kayaking routes, kayaking courses for beginners and kayaking gear in local specialist shops. Below you will also find relevant information relating to kayaking safety.

Canoeing on the Little Belt

Kayaking at the Little Belt

Canoeing and kayaking routes

Find inspiration for the most beautiful canoeing and kayaking routes in the Little Belt.
For instance, enjoy a canoeing trip around Svinø in Gamborg Fjord near Middelfart. Here you will be rowing in calm water, and you can take a picnic hamper with you.
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Kayak hire - for more experienced kayakers
If you are an experienced kayaker and used to kayaking trips, you do not need to bring your own kayak. You can hire sea kayaks at two different places in Middelfart: in Strib and at Fænø-Sund Ferie on the Hindsgavl Peninsula.
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A map of the canoeing route in Gamborg Fjord

When you hire a canoe at Gamborgen, you will receive this map for your trip.

Kayaking for groups

If you would like to go on a guided group kayaking tour, there are many options.

The Little Belt is home to the porpoise - the smallest whale in the world. Go on a guided kayaking tour and keep a look out for porpoises in the strait.

Kayaking can also be used as a tool for fun team building. Play kayak polo against one another in teams.

Sea kayaking for groups

Sea kayaking is a very calming experience, featuring incomparable experiences of nature, intimacy, a special kind of social interaction and a great form of physical exercise.

Nature campsites, shelters or tree-top sleep-over

If you are at your happiest sleeping under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of nature, there is plenty of scope for this at the natural campsites of Middelfart and Fredericia.

Packed lunch/Sandwich

Packed lunch/Sandwich

Buy it from one of our local butchers and take quality food along for the ride.