Søbadet i Middelfart ved Lillebælt

Diving Denmark Lillebælt offers world class diving

The challenging drift dives, cliff dives, and deep water dives straight from the beach have made the Little Belt area one of northern Europe’s best diving areas. This year three new seabed trails will be opened and there are six great diving holiday offers available.

Variety and easy access are key words for diving in the narrow belt called Lillebælt, that separates mainland Denmark from the Island Funen. Middelfart is at the narrowest point and offers within a radius of 10 km 19 attractive dive sites. The strong current brings life and diversity in the fauna and flora of the area. The cliff dive Væggen, stretches over several kilometres underwater, is full of life, large colonies of sponges, small pink strawberry anemones and large plumose anemones.

Did you know that the plumose anemone hunts with a bow and arrow?

The three new seabed trails along the two stone reefs open in late May. The trails are 50m long and are open all year. One of these trails is designed for less experienced divers and another for more advanced divers that has a depth of 20m. Both these trails are signposted with markers and information boards providing explanations about what you can see: About the butterfish with antifreeze proteins in its blood, the viviparous blenny that gives birth to 300 live young. Or about the yarell blenny that hides in the holes in the reef and about the plumose anemone that hunts with a bow and arrow.
The third trail is a snorkel path ideal for complete beginners to experience life on the seabed.
Holiday resort, camping or hotel?

Whether you prefer gourmet, Bed &Breakfast or camping close to the woodlands and beaches, Middelfart has a lot to offer. Diving Denmark Lillebælt has six attractive diving holiday offers. The holiday resort: Middelfart FerieResort, with holiday chalets for up to 6 people, has recently provided facilities for divers to rinse and dry equipment as well as refill their tanks.

Good facilities

The natural beauty of the Little Belt is enhanced with the modern facilities required by our diving guests with air filling stations readily available. There is an experienced instructor at the diving centre: Fyns Dykkercenter, who is ready to help with equipment, training and certification. The instructor can also offer to take you out for a trial dive and guided tours in a boat. Facts:

  • The little belt is narrow and deep. It is just 1km wide at its narrowest and 80m at its deepest.
  • Diving Denmark is in partnership with the Lillebælt and the south Funen Archipelago. The Little Belt is known for its marine life, drift dives and deep dives, but the south Funen Archipelago has many wrecks to dive on, for example the ferry Ærøsund.
  • A detailed map with all the dive sites, GPS coordinates, depths, level of difficulty, facilities and accommodation can be found online at www.visitmi... or at the local tourist information office in Middelfart and Svendborg.
  • Bridge-walking on the old bridge over the Little Belt is a new tourist attraction for visitors who want the high-life and walk on top of the bridge 60m above the sea.
  • The sea is the main attraction for most of the activities around the Little Belt, however there are plenty of cultural activities too. There are 70 bookable activities available on www.lilleba....

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