Diving in The Little Belt

One of the best places to dive in Northern Europe!

There are many excellent diving spots around Middelfart and Fredericia. The variation below the surface of The Little Belt is unique. The possibilities of wall diving, current diving and deep diving directly from the beach have made The Little Belt one of the best diving spots in northern Europe. When you dive at the Old Little Belt Bridge you will experience the beautiful granite-clad bridge pier and large rocks with breadcrumb sponge in a rich orange colour by diving.

The area also offers the best wall dive in Denmark. A spectacular wall full of life. Large colonies of sole, pink oaten pipe hydroids, giant plumose anemones and more. Chance of diving down to 40 m.

Diving spots

Diving Spots

Diving in Lillebælt is extremely attractive, particularly because there is a possibility of diving along “the wall”

The variation of the Little Belt provides unique experiences for diving

You can experience everything ranging from cod fry and small pipefish to large blocks of clay, located as clusters on a coral reef and are good hiding places for fish. Here you often encounter large cod and trout. There is strong current in the belt, so if you have the opportunity, having a support boat and /or a surface crew on land is a good precaution. Beneath the surface you will also find one of the largest porpoise populations due to the diverse life below the surface. It's no coincidence that divers from all over Europe love to dive in the Little Belt at Middelfart and Fredericia. Magnificent diving experiences underwater are guaranteed.
DMI - Sea level

Snorkeling trails at the Little Belt
Get into the water at the Little Belt and experience life below the surface. Follow the snorkeling trails, which runs along the beach.
The snorkeling trails is for beginners and slightly experienced snorkelers. Wetsuit rental
Snorkel trail at Grimmermosehuset

Snorkel trail at Grimmermosehuset

Snorkelling allows you to follow an underwater trail from the surface. The path takes you over sandy bottoms and mussel beds as well as through marine grass and forests of seaweed

Trial Dive_Middelfart - Få rabat med BE HAPPY PASS

Trial Dive: Discount of DKK 150 for children 10-12 yrs

Discount: Show your BE HAPPY PASS and get free barbeque buffet for children under the age of 12 when accompanied by an adult at Restaurant Fænø Park. Please note: Trial scuba dive in swimming pool must be booked 48 hours in advance.

Snorkeling_Middelfart - Få rabat med BE HAPPY PASS

Snorkeling: Discount: DKK 100 for children 12 yrs and below

Guided snorkeling tour along the snorkeling Trail

Diving in Denmark

Diving Denmark
Diving in Denmark is attractive. "Diving Denmark" is the name of the new diving destination for the Little Belt and the Archipelago. Watch the film and get inspiration for the many diving experiences that await you below the surface of the Little Belt and the Archipelago.

Diving in the Little Belt
Discover Little Belt under the surface and experience the rich colours, the flat fish, the sponges and the starfish.

Diving in Denmark

Diving in the Little Belt

Snorkeling in the Little Belt

Here you can get a preview of how it feels to snorkel on the new (2015) snorkeling trail in the Little Belt.

Whale Watching in the Little Belt
Little Belt is one of the most whale rich waters in the world. You can study the small whale, the porpoise, up close.

Snorkel trail in the Little Belt

Porpoises in the Little Belt