Diving spots

Below is a list of the many diving spots on Funen, situated around Middelfart and the Lillebælt area in general. Diving in Lillebælt is extremely attractive, particularly because there is a possibility of diving along “the wall”. The wall stretches from Søbadet at the Old Lillebælt Bridge to Kongebrogaarden. The wall dive is synonymous with diving down to 40 metres depth.

You can further find great offers for diving holidays with accommodation. We have collected practical information to ease the planning of your diving holiday, e. g. how to refuel air, rent a boat and information about the diving weather in the area.

NEW in Lillebælt (The Little Belt). 3 unterwater trails; one for snorkeling, one for beginners (scooper diving) and one for experienced scooper divers.

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