Fishing sites

You can go fishing in Lillebælt 365 days a year, because you can always find shelter from the wind along the coasts and out on the water. At the same time, there are lots of different types of fishing spots close together along the coasts or out on Lillebælt. You can fish for sea trout, cod and flatfish all year round, and seasonally also for mackerel, garfish and herring. Other bonus fish include pollack, turbot and grey mullet.
Or you can fish from the harbours, with Fredericia and Middelfart ranked highly for garfish and mackerel in their seasons. Have a look at the maps and you will see the concentration of fishing spots.

Enjoy being close to nature, other anglers and nature lovers – and treat Lillebælt with respect, just as we do. Tight lines!

Overview of fishing sites - Middelfart

Fishing Sites - Middelfart

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Overview of fishing sites - Fredericia

Fishing Sites - Fredericia

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OVerview of fishing sites - Kolding

Fishing Sites - Kolding

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