Galleries and Crafts in Middelfart and Fredericia

The Little Belt area is known for its maritime charm and idyllic nature. The landscape and the special light in the area have inspired many local potters, painters and craftsmen whom you can meet in many of the workshops and galleries.
You will find workshops, modern galleries with ceramic art, paintings and arts and crafts. You can also visit CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark, the only specialized museum for ceramic art and design in Scandinavia, in Middelfart.

Be inspired ...

The Northwest Funen Sculpture Trail, Asperup

The Northwest Funen Sculpture Trail

Along Kærbyvej in the small village of Asperup by Baaring, local forces have established a beautiful sculpture path in 2016.

CLAY Sculpture Park

CLAY Sculpture Park

Visit the exciting sculpture park surrounding CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark.