Golf weekends in Denmark by The Little Belt

Golf in Denmark can hardly get any better than at courses in the Lillebælt area in Middelfart, Fredericia and Kolding. Golf is an outdoor sport that gives red cheeks, plenty of fresh air and good exercise. If you play golf in the Middelfart/Fredericia/Kolding area by the Lillebælt, you can be sure to play golf on some excellent golf courses.


Severin offers 2 or 3 nights accommodation at a special golf price.
Book your golf weekend with Severin, where you can make use of the golf offer Try3Golf.

Hotel Fredericia

The Hotel Fredericia is within walking distance of Fredericia Golf course and offers special offers on golfing holidays and golf weekends.

Hotel Medio, Fredericia

Hotel Medio

Try3golf break, try playing golf on 3 different courses. Price per person from DKK 1.299


Destination Lillebælt offers plenty of fantastic golf experiences within mere minutes' drive of each other as well as good accommodation just around the corner from the golf course. All our golf courses have challenges for beginners and experienced golfers alike.

Try3golf Greenfeen gives you a unique opportunity to play golf on three different golf courses – at Fredericia Golf Club, Golfklubben Lillebælt and Birkemose Golf Club.

All three courses are challenging in their own way. Fredericia Golf Club lies in broken terrain, with many of its holes facing the sea. Golfklubben Lillebælt is located along the coast, close to the Middlefart Marina, and all of its holes offer a majestic vista of Little Belt. Birkemose Golf Club is situated in hilly terrain, with an undulating course and a vista of the valley.



One greenfee ticket - 3 golf courses near the Little Belt!