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Hiking paths

In Denmark you can find lots of hiking routes. If your chosen hiking route heads towards Middelfart and Fredericia, you can be sure to enjoy plenty of stunning nature experiences along the way.

Below you will find listed hiking trails with defined hiking routes in Middelfart, by the beach, forest, jogging trails, marshes, dog forests, beach promenades and so on.

Why not gather the family, go out and experience the wonderful Danish countryside? Middelfart offers many wonderful areas of natural beauty, which are freely available to the public and provide good Danish hiking experiences in hilly terrain or flatter, more child-friendly hiking trails.

Tracking in the Landscape
A hiking project that suggests a number of different hikes/walks in Denmark. In Middelfart, Ejby and Kingstrup Mose are part of this project; a beautiful natural and marshy area with established network of paths.

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