Lillebælt Nature Park

Outdoors activities in the Nature Park

Lillebælt Nature Park provides a base for a wide range of outdoor/open air activities that appeal to all the family. It offers more hardcore outdoor activities like diving, sea kayaking, rowing and orienteering, as well as gentler activities like swimming, horse riding, hiking and angling.
Diving in the Lillebælt, particularly in the area by the Søbad bathing station in Middelfart, is especially suitable for practised and experienced divers. You can read more about diving in the Lillebælt here.
Sailing and watersports are among some of the most popular outdoor activities in Lillebælt Nature Park. During the summer months, there are loads of these outdoor activities in Middelfart such as Stand On Top Paddle, Sit On Top Kayak, Windsurfing, RIB for children, Matchrace, Sea kayak rental, Canoe rental and more.

Porpoises in Lillebælt Nature Park

Copyright: Niels Martner

A good nature park offers authentic experiences. It is a really special experience getting up close to the porpoise, the world’s smallest whale, and you can do just this in and around Lillebælt.

Nowadays the porpoise is a protected species, and thank goodness for that. This gives you the chance to see porpoise in the nature park’s Lillebælt area when you, for example, go on Whale Safaris with Aventura and Mira3. If you head out to Strib Fyr and the surrounding beach, you might also be lucky enough to spot porpoises from the shore.

Porpoise have lived in Lillebælt for hundreds of years. In the old days, the Middelfart townsfolk lived off porpoise hunting, when they use to take the porpoises into Gamborg Fjord to be slaughtered. The porpoise lard was used for cod liver oil, and used in items such as oil lamps. It was the porpoise hunters' livelihood.

Copyright: Niels Martner

What's so special about Lillebælt

The nature park especially focuses on the marine area, Lillebælt. Here you can discover lots of unique and unexpected experiences hidden both below and above the surface. The "simple" close-to-nature experience is the best way to spread awareness and knowledge about nature. This knowledge can help teach us how to use the area with respect, so we can maintain the fantastic experience opportunities in the area - experiences we are proud of and want to share with you.

The Lillebælt nature is used by many people, who enjoy sailing, fishing, swimming or experiencing the scenery and wildlife in other ways. Unless you dive below to take a look at life under the surface, these natural experiences take place on or above the water. Strong currents are known to exist below the surface of the Lillebælt waters, and by all accounts they have a significant impact on the ecosystem in and around Lillebælt, including the porpoise population. Around 3,000 porpoises are known to live in Lillebælt today.

With a width of less than 1 km, Lillebælt in many ways can resemble a river. In addition to the strong currents, the belt is characterized by the meeting of the Baltic Sea’s brackish water and the North Sea’s salt water. This means that strong stratification between the water masses can often occur. These factors, combined with the geological conditions, create unique living conditions for plants and animals to thrive in and is one of many reasons that make Lillebælt such a great place to visit.

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