A mecca for sailors

An exciting water with first-class facilities. In the Lillebælt Waters framework, sailing experiences on the water is always very close. When the sails are set, you are quickly out on the open water.
The conditions of Lillebælt are perfect, whether you have your own boat or wish to hire a boat, a sea kayak, a smack, or a megin dinghy. You will experience an exciting water offering firstclass facilities with harbours, beaches and slipways.
For instance, go on a daytrip to the islands of Brandsø, Bågø or Fænø Kalv, where you can drop anchor and enjoy the peace and quiet, and your packed lunch. You can always find shelter and a spot to moor in Lillebælt.

Sailor in Middelfart and Fredericia

- What to see during your stay

To the right you will find a list of all the harbours in Middelfart and Fredericia, so you can choose the harbour you prefer. Middelfart and Fredericia Gl. Havn and Middelfart Marina are some of the major harbours in the area in terms of capacity. But there are also a number of small harbours and marinas in Middelfart and Fredericia Municipality.

Nature experiences in Fredericia/Middelfart

Nature Experiences

Middelfart and Fredericia are natural beauty with a view.

Restaurants and Cafés in Middelfart

Eating Out, Pubs and town life

Relax completely and indulge in good food in the area's attractive restaurants and coffee shops.

Activities in Middelfart and Fredericia

If you need to pass the time, Middelfart and Fredericia offers


Bike Hire



Experience booking


Go shopping in Fredericia or Middelfart - both towns have cozy shopping streets, great shops and nice cafées. Enjoy!


On the construction of the Little Belt bridge you can enjoy the view from the top. 

Activities for children

Activities for children

If you are looking for experiences on the beach or the quayside, there are plenty of possibilities in july and august

Golf for all

Middelfart and Fredericia are surrounded by good golf courses.