A paradise for anglers - fishing in Lillebælt

Lillebælt meanders and alternates between deep waters with strong currents and a shallow, nutrient-rich coastline. This makes Lillebælt Waters one of the best areas in Denmark for both coastal and deep-sea fishing: If you’re looking to reel in the big cods from the deep or throw the angle after a sea trout or catch a couple of plaices to put on the pan.

Throughout the year there are several trips aboard M/S Marianne or M/S FORTUNA which can be booked here: Fishing trips or rent a boat and go fishing by yourself: Boat rental

Perfect fishing spots

Whatever the wind or the weather, you can always find a good fishing spot. Within only a short drive, you can change fishing waters: Lillebælt with many places, where you can put your boat in the water or the fishing lake, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Salt and freshwater fishing

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Night fishing in The Little Belt

Join Thomas and angling expert Chris Halling  when they go nightfishing at some of the best spots in theLittle Belt.

Worth knowing

Practical knowledge, good to know before going out. See here, where it is allowed to fish and how to get a fishing licence. Remember, you can buy your licence at VisitMiddelfart.


Fishing in Denmark


The wide range of accommodation options provides an ideal basis for the fishing holiday: Stay at the water’s edge with cleaning, freezing and drying facilities.



Many of the places are so close to the Little Belt that you are almost rocked to sleep by the waves 

Seatrout fishing on Funen

Sea trout 4