Whale Watching

Lillebælt has one of the highest concentrations of whales in the world, where you can experience the little whale – the porpoise – close up. The porpoise, which can live for 25 years, can grow up to 1.8 meters in length and weigh a good 60 kg. Since medieval times, Middelfart has been home to a porpoise hunters’ guild, which operated a well-organised hunt, where the porpoises were driven into the shallow waters of Gamborg Fiord at Svinø. Up to 1,000 animals a year could be caught there. The main reason for hunting the animals was to boil off their blubber for use as lamp oil. The porpoise hunters’ guild was disbanded in 1898, and the porpoise became a protected species in 1967.

Poster - porpoises.

Come and join in on a Whale Watching tour

Whale Watching tour with guide from the Old Ports in Fredericia or Middelfart. Discover the porpoise surfacing for air and listen to their clicking sounds.

Book a tour aboard one of the Whale Watching ships; Galeasen Aventura or Mira3.
Or take a trip on the water with the opportunity to see porpoises on the Zille-1.

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NB: If you buy a whale watching trip with the AVENTURA, a visit to Henner Friisers Hus is included. There is an exhibition about the porpoises here.

Sailing trips for groups

If you'd like to hire a leisure boat or fishing boat for a group of people (> 10 people), you can enquire about group bookings by clicking on this link

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Communicating the porpoise story

The Porpoises Guild in Middelfart introduced in 2013 an annual Porpoise Day where the whole exciting story is told. The day includes procession through the town with music and visits by Middelfart "porpoise well." Besides Porpoise Day, the story is also communicated on boat trips from Middelfart Gl. Havn aboard AVENTURA on Whale Watching tours (with listening devices) and Porpoise tours aboard Mira3.

Whale Watching from the vessel AVENTURA


The porpoise is a small whale and a mammal. When on land, the porpoise is black/white, but when in water, it looks grey, and that makes it difficult for predators to spot the animal.

Sea kayak, canoo and Boatrental

Now you have the chance to rent a Sea kayak from Strib and Vejlby Fed Strand and paddle out on the very beautiful Little Belt.

Book a Sea kayak directly on our booking system or with Get Outdoor in Fredericia.

Rent a canoe and sail out onto Gamborg Fjord, which offers tranquil water and plenty of places to enjoy your packed picnic hamper. Or rent a motor boat in either Fredericia or Middelfart.

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