What do the cruise guests think?

During a cruise season, tourists from all over the world visit Fredericia. Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, South America, Mexico, Israel, Abu Dhabi, Japan, China and all of Europe are just some of the continents and countries our guests come from. Only a fraction of them know Fredericia beforehand, but practically all of them leave excited about our historic town, with a big smile and great memories. On the last cruise call of the season, Prinsendam on September 17th, we went out and asked some of the guests what they thought about Fredericia. 


Deb and Rob Petkau – Manitoba, Canada

Deb and Rob from Canada were super excited about their visit to Fredericia. Before they had even left the ship, Fredericia had delivered the first good surprise when the local marching band 6. Juli Garden welcomed the ship with live music on the quay.

”With the first sound of the music from the band, I ran to the deck and taped it. It was wonderful! “

They rented bikes and took a trip over the Old Little Belt Bridge to Hindsgavl Castle and the deer park.

“It was through the roof – amazing! More beautiful than we could have ever expected.”

After the bike ride, the couple went sightseeing in the streets of Fredericia and on the historical ramparts. They told us, that they had engaged in great talks with the locals.

“We talked to people in the community and they knew English very well. It was very interesting. Very good talks with the locals.”

The history of the city with Fredericia being open for all and offering freedom of religion made a great impression on them. The historical ramparts did not go unnoticed either.

“By this time in our journey, two weeks into it, we’ve seen ramparts, but we’ve not seen ramparts like this! It is so awesome that people are living there among that history. We love history. This town is so old and has such a history behind it. “
“It takes you back to those days in history. You’re walking that.”

For the Canadian couple there was more than enough to do and experience in and around Fredericia.

“We thought it was going to be small, but it was a full day. A full day worth of exploring. We could have done more. We could have easily spent another day here.”

Greg and Pam – Oregon, USA

Greg and Pam from the States went on a pre-booked excursion during the first part of the day, but got a chance to see Fredericia when they came back in the afternoon.

”It was a lovely town and we loved to walk through it. It is clean and everyone was very nice. So it was really a lovely town. We stopped at one of the pubs and it was wonderful. “

Jolante and Ab – Holland

Jolante and Ab from Holland very much enjoyed the welcome from the local marching band 6. Juli Garden and found Fredericia to be a nice city with an interesting history. 

“The city is very nice and very clean. Very nice with all the shops. The music was wonderful…Very good – we took pictures of it. We have seen all the nice historical things and now we will have a look at the shops and get a cup of coffee.”

Charles and Suzan Oliver – California, USA

Charles and Suzan from Fresno, California returned to the ship with pure excitement over Fredericia and hands full of shopping bags. They did not know Fredericia beforehand so they had come with no expectations, but the town and its people seemed to have won their hearts.

”It was totally unexpected, but it is the most wonderful little town!”

“Just the friendliest people on the whole cruise”

“Some of the best shopping and just a lovely, beautiful city”

Sharon and Alan – North Carolina, USA

“We might want to move here!” Sharon and Alan said jokingly when we asked them how their day in Fredericia had been. Compared to some of the large capitals on the cruise Fredericia is small, but that certainly was not a bad thing according to the couple.

”We like the smaller towns and the atmosphere. This is a beautiful town!”

“We like that we can walk and bike around the town and the ramparts”

The couple also noted that the city felt safe and nice and the locals were very kind and happy.

”The locals are very helpful and friendly and people seem genuinely happy here”

Bart and Daphnae Groeneveld – Crewmembers

Out enjoying a Sunday in Fredericia, we also met a couple of crewmembers from the ship. Bart and Daphnae Groeneveld are both working on Prinsendam as Hotel Manager and Front Office Manager. The couple were off for a few hours and had decided to have a look around Fredericia.

”The city is very nice, we like it! Especially the markets and the veteran car show. It is really nice. It’s the first time we’ve been here and it’s a beautiful place.”

During the year, the couple visit a bunch of different cities. They thought that Fredericia in terms of both the history and the events for the cruise calls offers something that they do not see every day. They also believed that it would be popular with the guests.

”The markets are very unique and we haven’t seen it at the other stops. The town centre is also very nice. We think the guests will really like it too.”

“The guests really like all the history and the people in traditional costumes.”

Upon the ship’s arrival, the two crewmembers also noticed the live music on the quay.

“We saw the band and the cannon shots when we arrived and it was very nice. This is the first time that we’ve seen a band like that. It is very unusual – we don’t see it that often.”

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