What do the locals think?

When the cruise ships come in, the streets of Fredericia are not only full of tourists. Many of the locals from Fredericia also come down to see the ships and feel the special atmosphere in town. Several people even drive in from the neighbouring cities to experience the cruise calls.
On the last cruise call of the season, we went out and talked to some of the locals to hear what they think of the cruise ships in Fredericia.

Mie and Brian Refsing with children Christian and Marius – Børkop

Among all the people and the harvest festival stalls in front of City Hall we found the Refsing family from Børkop between Fredericia and Vejle. The cruise ships have made them choose Fredericia.

”We think it’s exciting. We’re from Børkop and we used to go to Vejle mostly. But now we choose Fredericia instead, because there’s a lot going on here. We like to come every time there is a cruise ship. You can see that Fredericia really makes an effort every time there is a cruise ship in town. We definitely think that it adds value to Fredericia. There is a nice and lively atmosphere and a lot of activities that people enjoy. So we think it is great. ”

Bo Ibsen and children Freya and Frederik - Fredericia

On a grassy spot in the Canal District, we spotted a dad and his two children talking and pointing at the large ship.

”We think it’s exciting and very good for the city. It adds a lot of life to the city and the shops. We also come here when there are not cruise ships, but we think it’s very nice to come down and see the ships and wave goodbye to the guests. We want them to have a great experience here. “

Susanne and Poul Ejnar Jochumsen – Trelde, Fredericia

When we met married couple Susanne and Poul Ejnar from Trelde just outside of Fredericia, they were strolling around the harbour enjoying the buzzing atmosphere. The couple agreed that Fredericia gets a lot positive benefits from the ships and that they understand why so many guests love the town.

”It lifts the town. It gives extra life in the streets and the shops and restaurants. There is also more to look at for the rest of us. A lot of people come down to harbour and that is very good. The locals benefit from it. If I were a cruise guest in this town, I would think it was unique because you can walk to the city centre and you have the ramparts and all the history right around you. In big cities like Aarhus and Copenhagen, you can barely see half of the sights, but here you can experience all the most important things in a day. If I were on a cruise, I would think it a great size. “

Camilla Andersen - Fredericia

Shortly before the ship’s departure Camilla Andersen and her daughter were down at the harbour to see the ship.

”I really, really like it when these cruise ships come in. First of all, it’s exciting to see the ships. Secondly, it draws lots of people to the streets and the harbour. It has really done something to the place, so I think it is a very positive thing with the cruise ships. It changes the atmosphere in town because there is life and people everywhere. I love to come down here when there is a ship. “

Anne Lise Kusk and Lene Rimmer – Fredericia

Friends Anne Lise and Lene had taken a seat near the container shops at the FredericiaC area. They agreed that the cruise calls are nice and great for the city.

”It’s always nice to be down here. There is always something going on. I (Lene) live by the harbour and on weekends there’s usually a lot of life and activities down here, but of course there are more people when there’s a cruise ship. The city makes an extra effort for the ships with markets and people in traditional clothing. It is very positive and nice. The city centre and the harbour feel more connected on the cruise days. “

Gurli Bruhn - Fredericia

By the Old Harbour we spotted Gurli Bruhn talking to some friends. She lives close to the harbour and is therefore often around for the cruise calls.

”There are always a lot of activities and the shops sometimes extend their opening hours. The city makes an effort. It is very nice and adds great value. I think it is lovely with the good and lively atmosphere and all the people. I usually come down and watch the ships sail off in the evening. “

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