Wheelchair access to Attractions

The museum is disabled-friendly and has disabled access and lifts. The museum and café are accessible by electric and manual wheelchairs as well as electric scooters. However, for safety reasons, we would ask that guests with electric scooters use them at their lowest speed. Guide dogs are welcome.There are disabled toilets on the lower floor of the museum, in both the old and new buildings. The museum has a wheelchair available, which you can borrow by asking at the ticket desk. However, the wheelchair is for indoor use only. If you need to load/unload close to the disabled entrance, you can contact the ticket desk. 

There is free entry to exhibitions for companions.Wheelchair users can bring a companion free of charge – even without presenting a Companion's card from Invalideorganisationernes Brugerservice (the Danish Disabled Organisations' User Service).

Aventura (Whale Whatching)
There are ramps for wheelchair users. Let the Skipper know in advance. 

Fredericia Theatre
At Fredericia Theater there are 4 wheelchair spaces in the big hall and 2 in the small hall. The wheelchair spaces are sold through the theater's ticket office at billet@fred... or on phone 0045 75 92 25 00

Strib Automobile Museum 
There is a wheelchair ramp at the entrance. You can go round the exhibition itself in a wheelchair.

Nature Center Hindsgavl
There are ramps for wheelchair users..

Fredericia Ramparts
The historic ramparts in Fredericia can easily be experienced in wheelchairs. In some places there are stairs, but along the entire stretch of the ramparts one can drive up and down the paths with a wheelchair. Traffic takes place on landscaped gravel paths. 

Middelfart Museum
Algade 8 & Café Inga now have a lift for wheelchair users.
The Psychiatric Museum, Teglgårdsparken, has a lift.

Madsby Activity Park
The large free play park Madsby Legepark is designed so that wheelchair users can move throughout the entire park. Traffic takes place on hard-stumped gravel and tiled paths. At the hills, there is the opportunity to use tiled paths. The park has two disabled toilets. In addition, wheelchairs can be brought in the Madsby Train (though not electric ones).

You can visit the exhibition and the museum in a wheelchair. The café in the private area is not accessible by wheelchair. However, coffee and cake can be served in the exhibition room by prior agreement.

Varbjerg Strand
Lovely and child-friendly beach with sand and gravel. The beach is situated at Båring Vig: a 10 Kilometres wide cove, stretching from Staurshoved at Røjle Klint to Bogense. Parking at both sides of the harbour .
At the beach on the western side of the harbour, you can find toilets, and small number of picnic sets with tables and benches, and a tiled disability-friendly access to a bathing jetty with a bathing-friendly wheelchair which allow wheelchair users to move directly and safely into the water and back again. The chair is fastened with a chain and lock at the toilets, and the key can be picked up at Brugsen in Brenderup, on the way to the beach.

Østerstrand Fredericia 
Wheelchair users have easy access to the popular Østerstrand in Fredericia. There is the possibility to park right by the beach and the whole area, both car park, beach, toilets and café are at the same level. The beach also has a "bathing snail", so blind and partially sighted can safely swim within the snail's boundary. The beach has the Blue Flag and facilities such as a handicap toilet, and later, after renovation of the bridge, a ramp and wheelchair making it possible to drive into the water. 

Fredericia Swimming Pool and Water park
Designed for disabled people with ramps and non-slip surfaces at all level differences. In addition, there are 2 handicap changing rooms with lift directly to the hot water pool. In the water park there is also a lift that gives access to both the spa pool and the water park.

Guided tours in Fredericia 
We can at all times arrange guided tours around historic Fredericia, where wheelchair users easily can get around.

The historic Minature Town
In Madsbypark you find the historic Miniature Town anno 1849. Here disabled people and wheelchair users have good access. There is also a disabled-friendly toilet.

Fredericia Town Museum
The old buildings at the town museum in Fredericia can be visited by disabled people. The museum has a ramp that can provide access for wheelchair users. However, there are doorsteps inside the building.


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