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The Old Little Belt Bridge

will be closed to traffic from end January to first October. Read more on

The Old Little Belt Bridge – a historic bridge

The Old Little Belt Bridge was the first bridge between Jutland and Funen, bringing Denmark closer together upon its completion in 1935. This was preceded by years of planning, designing and hard physical work, involving soil, cement, granite and concrete. The result was ground-breaking, and today the Old Little Belt Bridge still serves as an important arterial road between Jutland and Funen.

The Old Little Belt Bridge is closing

– and will limit the shortcut to the Hindsgavl Peninsula

The 82-year-old Little Belt Bridge is now in need of a makeover. The Little Belt Bridge will be closed for renovations for a total of 20 weeks in both 2018 and 2019, partly to repair the Bridge’s surface.

The Little Belt Half Marathon will take place on 5 and 6 May, so luckily the route can still cross the Old Little Belt Bridge over to the Hindsgavl Peninsula. The Bridge will be closed immediately after the race is finished. That means that all vehicular traffic will have to use the New Little Belt Bridge while the renovations are taking place.

The Hindsgavl Peninsula: Fantastic nature experiences with a view of the Little Belt Bridge
Discover one of the most stunning coastal areas in Denmark on the Hindsgavl Peninsula with its fantastic Nature Park, which contains a totally unique water ecosystem with a huge diversity of wildlife. The area also features a huge number of walks in beautiful settings. Many of the routes cross the Deer Park adjacent to Hindsgavl Castle.

Right next to the Park is the Hindsgavl Nature Centre alongside the Bridge-walking Welcome Centre. Fortunately, the closing of the Old Little Belt Bridge ‘only’ applies to vehicular traffic, so you can keep up with the progress of the renovations when you choose to walk across the bridge - a tour that already features an abundance of things to see.

The closure of the Little Belt Bridge does not mean the closure of the Hindsgavl Peninsula
There will be many more opportunities to explore the Peninsula while the Old Little Belt Bridge is closed. Four new trails have been planned: the ‘Active’, ‘Family’, ‘Culture’ and ‘Water’ routes, all of which lead to different parts of the Peninsula and its wealth of attractions.

For example, the ‘Culture’ route takes in the CLAY Ceramic Museum.

Even though the Little Belt Bridge is the Peninsula’s main artery, affected businesses have teamed together to promote the vibrant, picturesque area. They are all involved in planning the new Trails, and along the routes you will have a chance to stop at all of them and enjoy some light refreshments during your visit.

The partners in the collaborations are: Middelfart Municipality, Bridgewalking, Galleri Hindhede, Comwell Kongebrogaarden, Gals Klint Camping, Hindsgavl Camping, Skovgrillen, CLAY, Vin-manden, HUSET, the Fænø-Sund Conference and Holiday Centre, Hindsgavl Castle, Sinatur Hotel Sixtus and VisitLillebælt.

Hindsgavl Peninsula

Hindsgavl Peninsula

If you are looking for nature experiences, then you should stop by Hindsgavl peninsula

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