Why do cruise ships come to Fredericia?

What is a 317-metre long luxury cruise ship with room for more than 2850 passengers + a large crew doing in Fredericia?

That question may have been on many people’s minds. But in fact, it is not that mysterious.

The city is a historical hotspot. Fredericia’s founding and history is unique and embodies royal privileges like freedom of religion and impunity for criminals, but also wars with great victories and defeats. The Fredericia Ramparts also happen to be one of the most well preserved of its kind in northern Europe.

From the ramparts that surround the city centre with its shops and restaurants, it is only a five-minute walk to cruise quay. And that actually matters because the cruise guests love the fact that they can walk straight to the city centre.

Fredericia and the surrounding area has plenty of beautiful nature to offer, so the cruise guests can rent either a bicycle or a car and go exploring in the forests and on the many beaches.

If you look at a map of Denmark, Fredericia is placed right in the middle. Within an hour from Fredericia, you can reach a wealth of attractions like LEGOLAND®, LEGO® House, Egeskov Castle, Denmark’s oldest town Ribe, H. C. Andersen’s House, Koldinghus Castle and the three UNESCO attractions the Royal Jelling, the Wadden Sea and the Moravian Brethren town Christiansfeld.
Fredericia is also ideally situated when it comes to the cruise ship routes. Besides, it takes a port of a certain calibre to host the grand ships. In Fredericia, the cruise ships have a 370-metre quay and a water depth of 12 metres.

Add a little Frederician hospitality with cozy shops and restaurants, welcoming volunteers and locals, live marching band music and flea markets and you get a small, but memorable destination that guests praise to the skies.

So there are a bunch of good reasons why more and more cruise ships head for Fredericia. 

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