Photo: Bridgewalking Lillebælt

Teambuilding and time-outs

When in need of a breather, we offer a great variety of experiences and group activities for your meeting guests. Here you find the opportunity to walk atop the Old Little Belt Bridge, dive into the Little Belt, guided trip of the animal gardens, Whale Watching and much more.

Strengthen the team or take a break


The brain needs breaks to learn, reflect and process the new impressions. And if you want to hold meaningful breaks, the Lillebælt has everything to offer when you want to enjoy, play or be active.

The nature is beautiful and dramatic. The Lillebælt waters with strong currents. The slopes with large trees leading down to the water. The forests. The paths. The view of the two bridges. Red deer. Porpoises.

You can feel the presence of Denmark's history here. With Fredericia as a fortress town, where you can walk on one of the largest and best-preserved fortifications in Europe




Match racing with and versus the colleagues 

A breath of fresh air for your company

Boat racing can be the ultimate battle against wind and weather, and can strengthen your company in several areas, increased team spirit, renewed energy and personal triumphs are just a few of the benefits. On a sailing boat, you are faced with intense challenges, which demand quick and precise reactions, as you are every day at work. Which makes racing perfect for teambuilding.

We cooperate with the best

Match Racing Denmark are the leading match race centre in Denmark and are based at Middelfart Marina. They have 17 boats ready for your event.

GoSail have 13 years team-building experience. They are based at Hindsgavl Castle and have six boats.

Beautiful views and a breath of air during breaks

A beautiful natural scenery is sometimes useful to reflect properly on the meeting, and on Bridgewalking, nature is in panorama. Let the hights challenge and move boundaries of your colleagues, while getting an unforgettable experience. 

Bridgewalking is also ideal for teambuilding trips, where you experience great hights, the rumble of the traffic, and panoramic nature views.

All tours are guided, mostly by local guides with a passion for the area and welcoming the guests on the bridge - and they always take pictures of your experience during the trip. Read more here.

Whalewatching and lecture talks

If your party needs a break with a traditional Whale Watching trip, the tales of the porpoise in the Little Belt and the historical connection the cities of Middelfart and Fredericia to the small whales might provide relaxation and inspiration.

Many of the boats have facilities for smaller meetings and events aboard, so it might make sense for your party to move the meeting to the sea? Read more here.


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