Shops in Middelfart city centre

Photo: VM+MH

In the commerce union of Middelfart we enhance the attractiveness of the cities' shops through community.

Middelfart is a vibrant city, beautifully placed by the Little Belt.
In the cozy streets of Middelfart is a wide selection of interesting shops with a wide selection of specialty goods, and chain stores within many different detail branches – all of them within short walking distance of each other and nearby free parking options. There is plenty opportunity to take a break at one of the many cozy cafés and restaurants. As a unique feature, the shopping street runs parallel to the harbor-front. This means that you are more than likely to catch a glimpse of the Little Belt and its two beautiful bridges while walking down the street.

The shops in Middelfart

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The shopping street of Middelfart runs along the habor-front with a view of the Little Belt and the two beautiful bridges